ARTSFORMATION SUMMIT. Mobilising the arts for an inclusive digital transformation

September 21, 2023 Project Event

Three years ago, with Artsformation, we embarked on an exploration to discern the intricate relationship between the arts and our unfolding digital society. Our mission was not just to observe, but to actively engage in understanding how the arts are intertwined with digital transformation. We believed that the arts could serve as a significant bridge, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable digital era.

Together with the project partners, artists and members of the board, we created a programme consisting of public panels, exhibitions, open meetings and music involving key stakeholders in the city. Brussels becomes an ideal location to take forward discussions around technology and the arts, and to present some of the most interesting results of the project.

The festival is open to all and will be of particular interest to people in the creative sector, government, industry, research as well as anyone interested in exploring how art and technology can contribute to socio-ecological transformation.



Location: La Vallée, Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Bruxelles, Belgium
Organised By: Artsformation