Transmediale Summer Camp

July 6, 2021 – July 10, 2021 Project Event

Summer Camp for refusal is a four-day programme bringing together a group of Berlin-based artists, philosophers, theorists, technologists, and critical engineers whose practice intersects with the festival theme of refusal.

The camp is an informal setting, where participants will share concerns, exchange ideas, skills, and knowledge while exercising care and building relations with each other. Over the four days, participants will exchange knowledge, build prototypes, create workshops and experiments with each other. These activities will explore socioeconomic, ecological, geopolitical, artistic and speculative modes of refusal and its’ potential for regeneration and construction of post-scarcity modes of living.   Participants: Ahmed Isam Aldin , Aaron Benanav , The Mycological Twist (Eloïse Bonneviot & Anne de Boer), Xenia Chiaramonte , Laura Cugusi , Constant Dullaart , Sarah Grant , Parrr Geng , Kei Kreutler , Laura Lotti , Mariam Mekiwi , Bassem Saad , Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa , TRAKAL and Danja Vasiliev .

Summer Camp is part of transmediale 2021–22 year-long programme that aims to create a deeper engagement with the festival theme of refusal. Audio, text and photographic documentation of the activities from the proceedings at Summer Camp for refusal will be published in the Almanac for Refusal in August.

Location: Berlin
Organised By: transmediale