Exhibition: Participatory Arts Productions: Towards an equitable European Digital Transformation
20 April – 9 June

In April 203, ARTSFORMATION produced the ‘RESISTANCE:Participatory Arts Productions’ programme in Lesvos-Greece. Over a 10 day period (10-21st of April), LATRA hosted 12 multidisciplinary and diverse artists from across Europe, where they participated in a facilitated program aimed at providing a dedicated space where artists can create new artworks which generate artistic thinking, processes, and solutions to the societal challenges caused by Europe’s digital transformation.

How can different modes of resistance towards digital colonial forces be manifested through artworks? How can artworks serve as equalizers in the societal inequalities caused by the digital transformation? How can artworks help empower the equitable participation of otherwise marginalized communities in Europe’s digital transformation?

The programme was aimed at spurring the production of individual artworks that respond to the themes set out by ARTSFORMATION, the Resistance Residency, as well as the challenges posed by Europe’s digital transformation. The 12 artists produced artworks responding to the challenges posed by Europe’s digital transformation, and were displayed in Lesvos in a group exhibition that was open and free for the public to attend. The opening of the exhibition was held on the 20th of April 2023, and it remained open until the 9th of June 2023. The exhibition featured the work of: Swaeny Nina Kersaan, Angelica Marinescu, Claudio Beorchia, Margerita Pule, Tomasz Mielnik, Csilla Bartus, Patrycja Plich, Filipa Branco Jaques, Paolo Lolicata, Nine Fumiko Yamamoto-Masson, Alba Raventos, Jiri Gruber.