Published: 17 May 2022

International Workshop in Zagreb | Technology for the People: Build Your City

by Radiona

The workshop Technology for the People: Build Your City deals with the maker culture, art, design, community building, local SMEs’, citizen science in practice and environmental topics in the hands-on based workshop where participants will be asked to design part of their city. Each participant will design and build their own diorama with city infrastructure that will contain everything necessary for their own ecosystem functioning in the city.

The idea behind the workshop is to cover several topics: maker culture and the process of building stuff, the tinkering and brainstorming processes around the city development, green transformation, formation on new citizen initiatives through gamification processes and playfulness as a part of the strategic thinking, the meaning of colours and mixing of different colours, art and public spaces, comprehending the processes of ideation and reality – less is more approach, energy consumption, light pollution and biodiversity.
Each diorama itself after the workshop functions as a lighting object and participants are taking them home.

Date: 1-3 June, 2022

Time and duration: 3-4 hours
Venue: Radiona (Nova cesta 186, Zagreb)

Public presentation and talks

Maker culture + Art + Design + Citizen Science

Public talk on the interactions between creativity, technology, interdisciplinary approaches and active citizenship towards creating new territories for societal change and societies based on innovation, critical thinking and sustainable cohesion. Access to knowledge and SMEs’ based on open source and shared values for future development. The role of artists and designers in shaping the meaningful scenarios for urban development of bottom-up micro-communities and diverse ecosystems.

Time and duration: 60 min
Venue: Technical Museum Nikola Tesla (tbc)

Register to participate

You can sign up until noon on May 30 at the following link:

Please note that Artsformation will use the workshop and public presentation as part of its data collection. This means that 2-3 member of our consortium will be doing participant observation during the workshop. We may also approach you to ask if you would be willing to participate in an interview following the workshop. All data collected will be anonymised.


Upon registration to the workshop you will receive detailed information about the research conducted. If you have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact Post Doc Kirsti Reitan Andersen, Copenhagen Business School, on email: