Published: 20 February 2023

Open Call for Artists | RESISTANCE | Participatory Arts Productions

by Artsformation

ARTSFORMATION invites you to apply to the RESISTANCE Participatory Arts Productions which will take place in Lesvos-Greece between the 11th-21st of April 2023. 

ARTSFORMATION seeks to provide a dedicated space where artists can create new artworks which generate artistic thinking, processes, and solutions to the societal challenges caused by Europe’s digital transformation. How can different modes of resistance towards digital colonial forces be manifested through artworks? How can artworks serve as equalizers in the societal inequalities caused by the digital transformation? How can artworks help empower the equitable participation of otherwise marginalized communities in Europe’s digital transformation?

For this purpose, ARTSFORMATION conducts the present Open Call for Participatory Arts Productions, where 10 artists will be selected to travel to Lesvos between the 11th-21st of April 2023, for the purpose of participating in a programme aimed at spurring the production of individual artworks that respond to the themes set out by ARTSFORMATION, as well as the challenges posed by Europe’s digital transformation. During their presence in Lesvos, participants will engage in participatory actions and peer learning sessions that will assist them in producing new and individual pieces of artwork that respond to the themes set out in the Open Call. The artworks are anticipated  to proactively respond to the challenges posed by Europe’s digital transformation, and will be displayed in Lesvos in a group exhibition that will be open and free for the public to attend.

Successful applicants are anticipated to benefit from:

  • Expertly facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions;
  • Dialogue and debate with inspiring arts, culture and creative practitioners from across Europe;
  • Access to an EU-wide trans-disciplinary professional network;
  • Safe environment to express themselves,  test new ideas and self-reflect;
  • Opportunities to influence the debate on how arts and culture can shape Europe’s digital transformation;
  • Fully-covered expenses to attend the in-person programme in Lesvos-Greece.
  • Fully-covered expenses to produce their proposed artwork in Lesvos-Greece.
  • Fully-covered expenses to display their proposed artwork both in exhibitions hosted in Lesvos-Greece, as well as future exhibitions organized by ARTSFORMATION.

APPLY HERE – DEADLINE: 9th March 2023, midnight CET