Arts Productions

At every instance of its lifecycle, ARTSFORMATION strived to involve diverse, multidisciplinary and all-inclusive arts and culture professionals in shaping the discourse on Europe’s Digital Transformation.

Through Residencies, Arts Productions and Assemblies, ARTSFORMATION hosted more than 40 professionals in Lesvos-Greece, where artists, creatives, curators, performers and thinkers had the opportunity to be empowered, co-create, exhibit and present multifaceted work that presenters different visions of a future that is already here.

RESISTANCE: Participatory Arts Productions

In June 2022, 30 diverse and multidisciplinary arts and culture professionals from across Europe, traveled to Lesvos and participated in the ‘RESISTANCE Residency’, where they explored how arts and culture practices can support the decolonisation of digital spaces and resources, leading to an equitable European digital transformation. Seeking to continuously expand the discourse, research and […]

Artsformation Assemblies

Artsformation Assemblies is a continuous effort throughout the project to build, sustain, support and empower a growing and evolving community of arts and culture professionals interested in tackling various facets of the challenges stemming from Europe’s Digital Transformation. Τhroughout the project and through the various activities (Residencies, Arts Productions, etc) the Artsformation Assemblies are formed […]

RESISTANCE Residency: Decolonising Europe’s Digital Transformation

Artsformation produced the RESISTANCE Residency. which involved the organisation and hosting of a series of residencies in Lesvos-Greece. The residencies were conducted during June 2022, and 30 Arts professionals from across 20 EU/EEA countries participated in them. The purpose of the residency was to provide a dedicated space for Arts professionals to express their voices […]