Eliza Goldox (She, Her)

Eliza Goldox (She, Her) is an artist and project initiator with an interest in collective dynamics and the use of digital reenactments as a tool for speculative thinking and social/ political reflections. Her solo and collaborative projects involve a variety of mediums with a focus on moving image, installations and new media. After studying in Germany, the US and the UK she lived in Berlin for 7 years during which she was active in the independent art scene and worked and exhibited in several art institutions there and abroad. Her special interest in collectivity is translated through her art initiative ZONA D, co-founded in 2012. In this initiative she directs and conceptualises non-institutional collective environments as a ground for experimental productions and processes. In 2018 she started working in the artist duo HUNITI GOLDOX together with Areej Huniti. In their joint practice they are interested in geopolitical realities, marginalised oral histories and contextual research with a special focus on water and mythology.