Vijay Patel (He, Them)

Vijay Patel (He, Them) My evolving interdisciplinary arts-based research practice explores migration, diaspora, displacement, memory and identity while centring the lived experiences of marginalised and intersectional political subjectivities. This focus grounds my professional and community-based work as I navigate various roles: mixed-media artist, workshop facilitator, cultural producer, programmer and curator. Founding member of InterStruct Collective and co-author of various projects, among others: Unearthing Memories (exhibition and curatorship, RAMPA, Porto, 2019) and Ruptures in Cement: Decolonial tour from Palacio de Cristal to Cordoaria (TransEuropa Festival, 2022). Fine Art graduate with Masters in Multimedia. Non-binary (grew up as cis-male), queer and British Indian living in Portugal.