Mapping artistic approaches to the digital transformation

Artsformation is research, collaboration, art, technology, imagination, participation, intervention, inclusiveness, transformation, innovation. We work to research, create and experiment in the intersection between arts, society and technology.

Image: Exhibition “Tentacles in Sicily - Scratching the surface” by KG AUGENSTERN curated by N38E13

Developing Arts-Based methods and productions tackling the Digital Transformation

Artsformation is a research project that aims to understand, analyse, and promote the ways in which the Arts can reinforce the social, cultural, economic, and political benefits of digital transformation.

Image: Performance in the context of the Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo in Palermo

Promoting Participatory Arts Productions for Social Change

Artsformation investigates the potential of the Arts to intervene in critical social issues, with a view to remedying a range of exploitative aspects of digital technologies, such as labour politics, privacy and education.

Image: Co-working space for participation at the international literature festival in Berlin

Arts for Social Change, Participatory Art and Artivism

With Artsformation we aim to support and be part of the process of making our communities resilient and adaptive in the 4th Industrial Revolution through research, innovation and applied artistic practice.

Image: Opening conference at re:publica, the international festival on technology and social innovation