9 December 2022 - 26 February 2023

Digital Shadows

What kind of shadow do you cast in the digital world? With six works of local and international artists, the exhibition Digital Shadows shows our entanglement with digital technologies, social media and algorithms. Every time we use a digital service, we leave a digital trace behind, casting a digital shadow. Social media apps, advertisement companies […]

24 Mar 22 — 19 Jun 22

Let the Song Hold Us

From lullabies to the music of mourning, our lives are mapped by the songs we sing and the stories they tell. Whether collective choruses or intimate melodies, they have the power to develop and redefine our sense of belonging. Songs can feel deeply personal, but also remind us that we are part of something bigger. […]

News: 22 April 2021

Framework for Resilience now on Podcast

In the past weeks the Artsformation Consortium has been progressing its work on research, public discussions, and preparing for our upcoming workshops. In case you missed something, here is what we’ve been up to: Online Conversations: Framework for Resilience now on Podcast Our partners from FACT UK have launched on podcast format the 3-part series of talks in […]