Participatory Arts Productions: Towards an equitable European Digital Transformation

In April 203, ARTSFORMATION produced the ‘RESISTANCE:Participatory Arts Productions’ programme in Lesvos-Greece. Over a 10 day period (10-21st of April), LATRA hosted 12 multidisciplinary and diverse artists from across Europe, where they participated in a facilitated program aimed at providing a dedicated space where artists can create new artworks which generate artistic thinking, processes, and […]


Following the conclusion of the ‘RESISTANCE Residency’ in Lesvos-Greece, a public exhibition was produced, showcasing the work produced during the programme. The exhibition was curated and produced by LATRA, and was set-up after the conclusion of all three residency cycles. The theme of the exhibition was ‘RESISTANCE: How can the Arts decolonise Europe’s Digital Transformation’. […]

Digital Shadows

What kind of shadow do you cast in the digital world? With six works of local and international artists, the exhibition Digital Shadows shows our entanglement with digital technologies, social media and algorithms. Every time we use a digital service, we leave a digital trace behind, casting a digital shadow. Social media apps, advertisement companies […]

Let the Song Hold Us

From lullabies to the music of mourning, our lives are mapped by the songs we sing and the stories they tell. Whether collective choruses or intimate melodies, they have the power to develop and redefine our sense of belonging. Songs can feel deeply personal, but also remind us that we are part of something bigger. […]

abandon all hope ye who enter here

Conjuring artifice and dark humour in the face of extraction, financial fantasies, and the illusions of techno-solutionism, abandon all hope ye who enter here explores the limits of refusal in a computationally ordered and altered world. Bringing together nine artists and collectives, the works in the exhibition materialise the strange realities and cruel attachments that […]

Future Ages Will Wonder

The speck, the droplet, the pixel. From microcellular DNA to the proliferation of digital images, throughout all of time we have used science and technology to collect and share information about who we are. Discoveries have been made, patterns have been formed, and stories have been told, but always by those in power. But who […]


transmediale creates a space for critical reflection on cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective. For over thirty years, the annual festival for art and digital culture has been bringing together international artists, researchers, activists, and thinkers with the goal of developing new outlooks on our technological era through the entanglement of different genres and curatorial […]