Launching a MOOC on Art and the Digital Transformation

More than two decades into the new millennium, it is difficult to envision a future in which digital technologies do not play a significant role. Digital technologies frequently make a lot of promises. However, in recent years, we have seen an increasing number of artists address fundamental issues of the Digital Transformation, such as surveillance, […]

Register to Artsformation Online Assembly Platform

Have you registered yet with ARTSFORMATION’s online assembly platform? The Assembly is a participatory decision making platform bringing together a growing community of artists, cultural professionals, activists and researchers who work collaboratively to address the challenges stemming from Europe’s Digital Transformation. Our vision is to create a widespread network of practitioners that are focused on […]

ARTSFORMATION SUMMIT: Mobilising the arts for an inclusive digital transformation

21 September, 2023 – 9.30 Venue: La Vallée – Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Bruxelles, Belgium Three years ago, with Artsformation, we embarked on an exploration to discern the intricate relationship between the arts and our unfolding digital society. Our mission was not just to observe, but to actively engage in understanding how the arts […]

RESISTANCE: How can the Arts decolonise Europe’s Digital Transformation

Following the conclusion of the ‘RESISTANCE Residency’ in Lesvos-Greece, a public exhibition was produced, showcasing the work produced during the programme. The exhibition was curated and produced by LATRA, and was set-up after the conclusion of all three residency cycles. The theme of the exhibition was ‘RESISTANCE: How can the Arts decolonise Europe’s Digital Transformation’. […]

Open Call for Artists | RESISTANCE | Participatory Arts Productions

ARTSFORMATION invites you to apply to the RESISTANCE Participatory Arts Productions which will take place in Lesvos-Greece between the 11th-21st of April 2023.  ARTSFORMATION seeks to provide a dedicated space where artists can create new artworks which generate artistic thinking, processes, and solutions to the societal challenges caused by Europe’s digital transformation. How can different […]

Event: The Art of Decolonising Digital Resistance

Friday 3 February 2023, Betahaus | Kreuzberg | Innospace Room | Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin, Germany The absence of real dialogue between the arts, communities and the policy making process is detrimental to both the arts, public policy and our society at large. The Art of Decolonising Digital Resistance is a live participatory action, where […]

Digital Shadows

What kind of shadow do you cast in the digital world? With six works of local and international artists, the exhibition Digital Shadows shows our entanglement with digital technologies, social media and algorithms. Every time we use a digital service, we leave a digital trace behind, casting a digital shadow. Social media apps, advertisement companies […]

BuzzWalk, a speculative walk for “smart” cities, in collaboration with Angeliki Diakrousi and the Oslo Architecture Triennale

As part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale programme, architect, artist and researcher Angeliki Diakrousi brought the mosquito devices, a technological device used in Rotterdam that deters young people from loitering in public spaces, to the streets of Oslo. The BuzzWalk was a tour around different spots in Oslo where people tend to gather, bringing the […]

The Ledger of the Sun, in collaboration with artist-researcher Jamie Allen

A few weeks ago, Artsformation held its fourth design fiction workshop titled The Ledger of the Sun. The workshop was developed in close collaboration with artist-researcher Jamie Allen. The workshop took place on a rainy Friday afternoon on October 23rd in Oslo, as part of the opening weekend of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022. With […]

Buzzwalk – a speculative walk for ‘smart’ cities

Are you a local, a teenager, an active neighbour, a digital citizen, a skater, a curious adult, or do you just like to hang out at some square in your neighbourhood? This ‘buzzwalk’ invites you on a speculative walking tour through Oslo for audiating neighbourhoods and cities otherwise. What happens when the future of our […]

International Workshop in Paris | Odyssey in Utero

How is our relationship with our bodies affected by digital transformation? This question will be at the core of the participative workshop Odyssey in Utero by T.I.E (visual and performance artist), Allie Rozetta (visual artist), and Djimadjim (sound and kinesthetic artist). This function of the uterus as a place of transformation will be the central […]

Art project “The Ledger in the Sun”, part of Oslo Architecture Triennale

Welcome to The Ledger of the Sun! An art performance inside the former Edvard Munch museum at Tøyen and in the Oslo Botancal Garden. About this event It is a solar workshop, a walk and a food experience! A walk and a specially designed canapé meal, created in collaboration with the Oslo Botanical Gardens and […]

Performing Boardness: Jack Tan’s residency with Artsformation

About Jack Tan’s residency Jack was appointed as FACT’s first board artist-in-residence for the financial year 2021-2022 after conversations with FACT’s CEO Nicola Triscott on barriers for artists joining the formal structures and restrictions of boards. He attended board meetings and away days as an invited artist, responding to the processes of governance as an […]

Art, IA, privacy and surveillance: meet the artist selected as part of our last open call

After receiving over seventy proposals for the Artsformation call in April, we are happy to announce the artist that Waag will be working with in the following period: Lukas Engelhardt (DE) in collaboration with ​​Ada Reinthal and Paul Bille. Find out more about their work, the call and what’s next. About the call This Spring, […]

Technologies To The People: Build Your City

A few weeks ago, Artsformation held its second international workshop titled Technologies For The People: Build Your City. The workshop was developed in close collaboration with the cultural center and maker space Radiona, in the city of Zagreb. This is also where the workshop took place, being invited into Radiona’s unique workshop space and community. […]

International Workshop in Zagreb | Technology for the People: Build Your City

The workshop Technology for the People: Build Your City deals with the maker culture, art, design, community building, local SMEs’, citizen science in practice and environmental topics in the hands-on based workshop where participants will be asked to design part of their city. Each participant will design and build their own diorama with city infrastructure […]

Open Call | RESISTANCE: Decolonising Europe’s Digital Transformation

ARTSFORMATION invites you to apply to the RESISTANCE Residency hosted in Lesvos-Greece. The Residency will bring together professionals from the fields of art, culture and creative industries in a dedicated space where they can express their voices in shaping the future of Europe’s digital transformation through their practice. The Residency will enable multidisciplinary creative professionals […]

Open Call for arts based production

Deadline: 23:59 (CET) on Friday 29th April 2022.  Biased AI in facial recognition that fails to recognise people of colour, social media  platforms that sell your data and your children’s data, digital illiteracy of elderly  people, and excluding technologies for people with a disability: the digital divide and  lack of inclusivity is a pressing problem […]

Let the Song Hold Us: Launch of FACT’s Artsformation Commission

LET THE SONG HOLD US Exhibition Opening – RSVP Thu 24 Mar / 18:00 – 20:00 We’re celebrating the opening of our major new exhibition Let the Song Hold Us by FACT Liverpool, with new immersive artworks that explore how music and song bring together the family and collective histories we inherit. Featuring Korakrit Arunanondchai & Alex Gvojic, Zinzi Minott, Tessa […]

abandon all hope ye who enter here

Conjuring artifice and dark humour in the face of extraction, financial fantasies, and the illusions of techno-solutionism, abandon all hope ye who enter here explores the limits of refusal in a computationally ordered and altered world. Bringing together nine artists and collectives, the works in the exhibition materialise the strange realities and cruel attachments that […]

This is Not Anarchy, This is Chaos: Symposium

28-29 January, Symposium What possibilities can refusal open up? What limitations does it impose? As crises across economic and environmental spheres produce contradictions and gaps, what role might refusal play in negotiating and opening up new values of calculation and computation? Reflecting on the frictions that emerge between practices of refusal, This is Not Anarchy, […]

Emerald City: a sound installation by Stefania Artusi

Palermo, a city with a history dating back to at least the Phoenicians, has adapted to conquerors, colonisers and waves of migration. Four hundred years ago, the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, was called by the main mosques of the city alongside the sound of church bells. For the audio installation Emerald City, in […]

New exhibition now open: Future Ages Will Wonder

Future Ages Will Wonder presents an “alternative museum” of artworks that use science and technology to question our past and offer new ways of understanding who we are and where we belong. The artworks on display bring together traditional mediums such as textiles, sculpture, and photography with virtual reality, computer algorithms and synthetic DNA to […]

Between Land and Sea and CurrentSEA: a workshop to imagine a new currency

THE MINT, in collaboration with Artsformation, is organising a workshop in Palermo with a heterogeneous groups of artists, market sellers, activists, writers, filmmakers, professors and artisans to experiment on how art, technology, shared knowledges and political imaginary can offer tools for conviviality and exchange across the Mediterranean, in particular between Sicily and Tunisia. With the […]

Framework for Trust now on Podcast – Transformer Summit

Last week we celebrated our Transformer Summit, in cooperation with FACT Liverpool, Transmediale Berlin and Waag Amsterdam, who collaboratively curated a series of conversations, discussions and workshops that look at arts-based practices that deal with the societal challenges of digital transformation. As part of the Summit, FACT launched Framework for Trust, a collection of resources […]

Launching Transformer Summit, 23-26 September (online, Liverpool and Amsterdam)

FACT Liverpool, Transmediale Berlin and Waag Amsterdam are collaboratively launching the Transformer Summit after the Summer. The Summit will take place online, in Liverpool and Amsterdam next 23-26 September, as a series of conversations, discussions and workshops that look at arts-based practices that deal with the societal challenges of digital transformation. REGISTER HERE DOWNLOAD THE […]

Announcing SÆT Summer Camp

In cooperation with our partners from CATCH, we would like to invite you to our summer camp in August. The camp is a co-creation event, where we invite artists, art educators, museums, educational and cultural institutions, designers, tech professionals, researchers and practitioners to take part in building a new school of aesthetics and technology. WHY […]

Mapping the Arts across Europe: new reports out

Six months after launching Artsformation, our team of researchers are publishing this week two new publications that offer an overview of the existing socially engaged Arts in Europe and one about the integration of the arts within the enterprise. Mapping the Socially Engaged Arts in Europe The artworks included in this indexing are illustrative of […]

Artsformation at European Lab – June 09, 2021

In 2011, Arty Farty launched the European Lab project with the support of the European Union. The ambition of this new platform is to bring together, at the European level, a new generation of emerging and innovative cultural actors, around a shared reflection on and commitment to the future of culture. 10 years during which […]

Our board member Fiona McDermott, curator at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly entangled with data technologies. The Irish Pavilion addresses the utopian fantasy of the Cloud, as a romantic metaphor: The cloud is material. By foregrounding the physicality of data infrastructure and its impact on the environment the pavilion hopes to both reframe how we understand data production and its impact […]

Launching a new collaboration: ✨ SET

SET is a new collaboration between Catch – Center For Art, Design And Technology and Art+Tech Lab. SET is founded for social and ecological integration. We want to overcome the digital gorge and challenge the dominant commercial narrative of technology by exploring and reconsider new technologies for our society through aesthetic methods and theory. * […]

Framework for Resilience now on Podcast

In the past weeks the Artsformation Consortium has been progressing its work on research, public discussions, and preparing for our upcoming workshops. In case you missed something, here is what we’ve been up to: Online Conversations: Framework for Resilience now on Podcast Our partners from FACT UK have launched on podcast format the 3-part series of talks in […]

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the third session “The Future Composer”

Artsformation launched last month in cooperation with CATCH, the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction. The third session of the series, entitled The Future Composer, is now open for registrations. The Future Composer In the science fiction story Outsider by An Owomoyela, we meet historic researcher “Mota” and the artificial […]

Launching “Artsformation meets…” our new talk show for IGTV

Next week with Artsformation we will launch a new talk show for Instagram TV. The new show is a remotely-shot interview video series where the Artsformation’s host will engage in timely and intimate discussions with today’s foremost art and tech makers. What is the role of arts in digital transformation? What are some of the methods employed […]

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the second session “When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects”

***WORKSHOP REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED*** Artsformation launched this month in cooperation with CATCH, the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction. The second session When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects is now open for registrations. When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects Ryo Hanmura’s short story Cardboard Box is told from the […]

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the first Hackathon!

Artsformation is happy to launch the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction, including one Hackathon. Artsformation will organize in total five science fiction workshops. The first three sessions, including the first Hackathon, are organised in collaboration with Catch, a practice-based and open-door approach to learning, offering year-round workshops, institutional and […]

Online Conversations: Framework for Resilience

Our partners from FACT UK are launching a 3-part series of talks in collaboration with Artsformation, bringing together artists, researchers, educators and activists to discuss the future of our planet. Framework for Resilience is a three-part series of online conversations which bring together activists, artists, researchers and educators to think about the world we are […]

Transmediale opens this month in Berlin under the theme “for refusal”

With an exhibition across two venues in Berlin, and an extended film programme at transmediale studio, the year-long festival begins on 23 January 2021. Challenging systems of control and exerting new socio-political pressures, the first part of the programme brings together a collection of artistic positions that offer possibilities and hope through tactics for refusal. […]

Time to heal: the pharmacological effects of the arts

Arts-based therapies in the form of arts therapy, bibliotherapy and creative writing have long been recognised by medical professionals as providing beneficial healing effects. Like much of the digital transformation we are currently experiencing, not everyone benefits from working remotely under Covid-19 restrictions. For anyone yet to establish a foothold in employment, those in traditional […]

Artsformation reveals conclusions about the potential of the arts to face digital challenges in the midst of a new lockdown in Europe

The feeling of frustration, the uncertainty of the future, the restriction on individual freedom: when all this seemed to be behind us, everything comes back and we feel like March 2020. Conceived in an out-of-balance world in a period of extreme introspection and dissolution of time, at Artsformation we are exploring from an academic point […]

A new research project to leverage the social potential of the Arts in digital transformations

Artsformation kicks off this Autumn 2020 led by the Norwegian Business School (Norway), the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), LATRA (Greece), KEA European Affairs (Belgium), WAAG (Netherlands), FACT (UK), Transmediale (Germany), European Alternatives (Italy/France) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). The project intends to explore the Arts, as an actor in shaping the transformation of society towards […]