Published: 2 March 2021

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the third session “The Future Composer”

Artsformation launched last month in cooperation with CATCH, the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction. The third session of the series, entitled The Future Composer, is now open for registrations. The Future Composer In the science fiction story Outsider by An Owomoyela, we meet historic researcher “Mota” and the artificial […]


Launching “Artsformation meets…” our new talk show for IGTV

Next week with Artsformation we will launch a new talk show for Instagram TV. The new show is a remotely-shot interview video series where the Artsformation’s host will engage in timely and intimate discussions with today’s foremost art and tech makers. What is the role of arts in digital transformation? What are some of the methods employed […]

Published: 16 February 2021

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the second session “When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects”

***WORKSHOP REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED*** Artsformation launched this month in cooperation with CATCH, the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction. The second session When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects is now open for registrations. When Things Speak: Giving Voice to Objects Ryo Hanmura’s short story Cardboard Box is told from the […]

Published: 5 February 2021

Science Fiction Workshops: Registrations open for the first Hackathon!

Artsformation is happy to launch the first online series of workshops on the topic of science fiction, including one Hackathon. Artsformation will organize in total five science fiction workshops. The first three sessions, including the first Hackathon, are organised in collaboration with Catch, a practice-based and open-door approach to learning, offering year-round workshops, institutional and […]

Published: 26 January 2021

Online Conversations: Framework for Resilience

Our partners from FACT UK are launching a 3-part series of talks in collaboration with Artsformation, bringing together artists, researchers, educators and activists to discuss the future of our planet. Framework for Resilience is a three-part series of online conversations which bring together activists, artists, researchers and educators to think about the world we are […]

Published: 9 January 2021

Transmediale opens this month in Berlin under the theme “for refusal”

With an exhibition across two venues in Berlin, and an extended film programme at transmediale studio, the year-long festival begins on 23 January 2021. Challenging systems of control and exerting new socio-political pressures, the first part of the programme brings together a collection of artistic positions that offer possibilities and hope through tactics for refusal. […]

Published: 1 December 2020

Time to heal: the pharmacological effects of the arts

Arts-based therapies in the form of arts therapy, bibliotherapy and creative writing have long been recognised by medical professionals as providing beneficial healing effects. Like much of the digital transformation we are currently experiencing, not everyone benefits from working remotely under Covid-19 restrictions. For anyone yet to establish a foothold in employment, those in traditional […]

Published: 12 November 2020

Artsformation reveals conclusions about the potential of the arts to face digital challenges in the midst of a new lockdown in Europe

The feeling of frustration, the uncertainty of the future, the restriction on individual freedom: when all this seemed to be behind us, everything comes back and we feel like March 2020. Conceived in an out-of-balance world in a period of extreme introspection and dissolution of time, at Artsformation we are exploring from an academic point […]

Published: 28 September 2020

A new research project to leverage the social potential of the Arts in digital transformations

Artsformation kicks off this Autumn 2020 led by the Norwegian Business School (Norway), the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), LATRA (Greece), KEA European Affairs (Belgium), WAAG (Netherlands), FACT (UK), Transmediale (Germany), European Alternatives (Italy/France) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). The project intends to explore the Arts, as an actor in shaping the transformation of society towards […]